Pictures of Ms Daisy

Pictures of Ms Daisy

Apologies off the bat for the poor quality of these pictures, I guess our camera is pretty outdated now, and am pretty sure I could get better zoom pictures with my phone (perhaps will try).

A close up of the only indentification I can find, not very helpful in the ways that I’ve searched, but perhaps someone else will have a better idea of WHERE to search or what to search for…Yeah?

The other form of identification on the bike, sadly in actuality it is just an abbreviated form of “Pro Tour” logo. At least you can see my pretty fenders here though, lovely cherry red everywhere 🙂

Out of focus yes, but this is the last version of the logo I have, again nothing specific, and the lack of manufacturer identity has really started to irk me. REALLY. Started. To. Irk. Me. Oh well…

My favourite (ok one of my favourite) parts of my bike is the chain guard. Regardless of whether Daisy is a retro/vintage/whatever type of bicycle, the chain guard gives her this bit of class that I love to bits. Bits and pieces. Plus having the chain covered means more cute biking clothes for me! (and less worry of said things getting AS tangled!)

Upon today’s pictures I discovered the rear fender that rubs against the tire actually has worn the tire a very little, but nothing serious that would need fixing right now vs another day. I forgot to get a picture of the handle bars, but think bmx-style grips from the 80’s that would’ve been on your bike (as a kid):

 Except mine are dirtier and just not pretty at all. I’d love to get some lovely LOVELY ones with intricacies that only I’d notice (or another biker girl who’d actually be up close and personal with daisy and notice them)…anyone have any suggestions?
Those are all the pictures I have for now, I need a better macro type zoomability to be able to show off any of the parts with identification on them…though I’m almost at a point where I hold little hope for much more than my bike having existed (because I know this much!)

5 thoughts on “Pictures of Ms Daisy

  1. 6-speed?!? I’ve never ridden one of those. Do the parts have any stamps on them? What kind of shifter do you have? That might help us narrow it down.

    A quick Google on ‘6-speed bicycle’ suggests that Shimano is/was a leading manufacturer, and if yours has Shimano parts, Sheldon Brown is your new best friend:

    If it’s not Shimano, Sheldon Brown’s website might still help. Here he talks about the different parts involved in bicycles with gears like yours:

  2. I’m running outside with my phone now to see if I can get a better shot of things…maybe it has a better focus for macro type shots!

  3. You were right! Shimano, I’ll transfer them over shortly and post another set of pictures, sadly my blackberry is much better at focusing at the macro level than my camera 🙁

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