Daisy & dating

Daisy & dating

Firstly, apologies for my utter disappearance, while I’d like to say I have an excellent excuse the truth is that I just got dissapointed in the back story to my Daisy.

  The photo from the Kijiji listing – yay for TwitPic!

So, I’ve yet to find any markers actually identifying a brand or date ON the frame, and the only date I found is based purely on my Shimano shifter puts THOSE around 1987. I can’t be sure on the rest though as I’ve yet to find any other dating marks. Such is life.

It’s not that I don’t love Daisy, she’s gorgeous and I’ve put in plenty of thought on how to make her MORE my bike, how to make her more “retro” and less looking like she has BMX parts and more like she’s a dainty, sturdy steel steed!

Sadly though, my hard drive has been compromised and I’m now missing all my pictures, for now I’ll say go look at these two posts for references, maybe someone out there on the google machines will recognize a part of label and have a better idea of who Daisy is, since I’m STILL manufacturer-less. (And still hoping that she’s older and just has new parts (which I know is a far possibility, but still a possibility!)

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  1. We are totally making Daisy a netted over-the-fender skirtguard at some point. She needs (NEEDS) a beautiful frame-pump for in her braziers, mudguards added to her fenders, a ding-ding bell, and new handlebars. Just sayin’. I’ll email you an eBay wishlist for her later. 😉

  2. OOh and eBay wishlist could spell the most lovely of disasters, especially since I missed out on the helmet *mad insane grumbling here*

    I’ve spent waaaay too much time oggling the custom basket liners (next post!!) and am trying to figure out what pattern(s) I like best. Etsy + eBay = empty wallet!!

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