Fun Bicycle Finds on Etsy

Fun Bicycle Finds on Etsy

One of these days, I’m going to get to put together an Etsy treasury of beautiful handmade and vintage bicycle things. Whenever I check, there are no openings – but still. Someday. In the meantime, may I share some links to the Etsy shops and listings I’d feature?

Let’s start with baskets and bags:

1. The wonderful liners for wire baskets that Angel and I have both mentioned previously by LuckyFindDesigns in California – who also, to my delight, does custom ones for wierd trapezoidal vintage baskets like mine – look what’s in the mail for Mary Poppins! There are other shops making basket liners too: BettyBasketLiners and CoutureCruiser.

UPDATE: here’s the liner installed on Mary Poppins! Yay!

2. Ottawa’s ShootFromCanada makes custom versions of the ubiquitous Brooks leather handlebar bag like the one in the photo below. Matching saddlebags please!

3. San Fran’s HamboneDesigns‘ VeloPockets would be perfect on a sweet mixte.

In the other bike accessories category:

1. Fun bicycle reflectors with peace symbols and other great designs in aluminum riveted onto them, from New Orleans’ Yabettasupadont (who also makes cute cocktail rings from reflectors)

2.  Maybe a top tube pad and U-lock cozy – although personally I’m itching to sew or crochet matching ones myself.

3. Yes, boys, you could get a leather U-lock holster and other custom leather bike accessories from Portland’s WalnutStudiolo instead, but this girly wish list wasn’t designed with you in mind. Or was it?

4. Union Jack or handmade bunting flags for special-occasion decorating – a search on ‘mini bunting’ will reveal dozens of options.

5. A tool roll from BikeCozy for in my saddlebag. Yes, please.

6. Montreal’s DringDring make fabulous handpainted bells. I’d love to see their Tropical bell with LuckyFindDesign’s Fiesta Skull basket liner on a black loop-frame.

In the vintage-and-antique category:

1. Are you jonesing for an American-made tank bicycle? Right now there’s an extremely gorgeous antique Murray bicycle for sale by emilyoutrageous, who’s trying to pay for art school. Buying it would make her day *and* yours.

2. & 3. There always seem to be a couple of battered Wald-style wire baskets and old cyclingthemed photos & postcards among the vintage listings.

4. Swiss Army panniers made of cotton twill canvas and saddle leather, yum yum.

5. How fun is a fuzzy seat cover?

In the clothes-I-covet category:

1-7. For an indie-artsy-I-ride-in-San-Fran look, ruched leggings from AlohaTRON or cotton-hemp blend dancers’ pants (I have these – so comfy) under a cute short skirt or dress (I love the Variations tunic from Montreal’s elysiumdesign, or   Clementiny’s fern dress) and maybe a belt-bag like all the fusion bellydancers wear to their afterparties (like the leather ones from ElvenForestCreations or Squamish’s JungleTribe or the ruffled bustle from Malaysia’s Kinies).

8. For a more classic look, Ottawa’s econica makes gorgeous organic-jersey wrap dresses (I’ll have it in every colour, please) along with many other beautiful clothes.

9. For tweedy fun, cycling knickers made from vintage mens’ slacks with a matching vest

10-13. To warm up in winter, a chunky cowl scarf to crochet yourself, and extra-long leg warmers or spats – and for under a helmet, a cycling cap from AutomaticCowboyJoy.

14. A beautiful cape or cloak for cool evenings.

15. For a finishing touch, ShizenDesigns’s bicycle pendant necklace made from recycled fine silver.

Let’s finish with some original art. (The ‘Keep Calm & Ride On’ poster is cute, but ripping off the UK’s Keep Calm Gallery is hardly original. Booo.)

1. Fine art bike-pron photography by Brooklyn’s DripStick. I’m wiping drool off my keyboard – follow the link to see why.

2. This gorgeous reclaimed-wood wall rack from Vancouver’s cantileverandpress would be perfect for displaying an antique men’s three-speed in your loft apartment (exposed brick, mix of industrial and midcentury modern finds, giant factory windows letting in tons of light… excuse me while I fantasize).

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  1. Did you hear that? Yep, it was my bank account draining itself in advance of any other purchases….has it learned the ways of a bike-themed addicted me? What shall I do!?!??!

    (Hint/Answer: SPEND SPEND SPEND!)

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