Canadian bicycle history: Hyslop Brothers of Toronto

Canadian bicycle history: Hyslop Brothers of Toronto

Look at the gorgeous headbadge I ran across (while looking for a replacement one for Nicki’s CCM) on eBay:

Wowsers. The seller says it’s new old stock from 1909. Cue research into the bike it belonged on…

From the 1922 Hyslop Brothers, Limited Bicycles and Accessories Catalogue, via The Internet Archive or Scribd.

Of course I also had to check out their loop frame:

A little about Hyslop Brothers, Limited:
William M. Hyslop (8 Nov 1871 – 26 April 1919) was the Half Mile Bicycle Champion of Canada, and a member of the Toronto Bicycle Club. 1901 Canadian Census records (found at show him as married (to Margaret), occupation: Bicycle Works, with his brother and business partner George and two ‘domestics’ living with his family. Eventually Hyslop Brothers became the Oldsmobile & Cadillac car distributor for Canada. William succumbed to influenza in his home during the epidemic following World War I, and his occupation is listed as ‘auto merchant’ on the registration of his death (also via
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