Are YOU Ready!?!?

Are YOU Ready!?!?

Daisy sure is, new saddle installed this afternoon and her basket is about to be installed (waiting for littlest to fall asleep!)

 Helmet, Bell, Cup Holder
 Freshly home for installation!
On the way home for installation

I thought some reminders would be helpful!

  1. Dress comfortable! It’s gonna be warm so you don’t want to sweat to death!
  2. Wear your helmet!
  3. Bring a lock!
  4. Water bottle!
  5. Be smart, be safe!!
  6. HAVE FUN!!!
{ ROUTE TIMING INFO: 1pm arrive at EBC (10047-80 Ave – remember it’s the back alley entrance!); 1:15 depart for Velo Polo at Ritchie Community League Rink, 98 St + 77 Ave, 1:30-2:00 cheer on the bike polo players & take some photos, 2ish depart for Da Capo / Transcend /SugarBowl via Saskatchewan Drive for a 2:30ish coffee break then carry on through the University-Belgravia area and back down to Fuss Cupcakes on Whyte for 3ish – edit by Deborah }

I am SOOO excited for this!! SO! Excited!!


She’s READY!!!

2 thoughts on “Are YOU Ready!?!?

  1. I can’t wait…and I’m a long, long, long ways away! LOL! Have a great time!!!

    I might end up canceling the Lovely Sunday Ride tomorrow due to steady rain that simply isn’t stopping.

  2. @Angel: Daisy looks beautiful! Mary Poppins is also ready, thanks to the fine work of the guys at redbike, whose rates were incredibly reasonable.

    @MandG: Rain! Bummer! Our forecast is sun and summertime temps with a high of 26C, which is a welcome relief after all the rain Edmonton has gotten recently. Sunscreen and hydration will be imperative today.

    I am so excited!!! OK, off to shave my legs and get the last-minute prep done…

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