Bike seats for bigger kids?

Bike seats for bigger kids?

I have been contemplating getting a seat for carrying my kids (aged 4.5 and 7). The BoBike Junior would be a total no-brainer, if it weren’t for the price. So I have been looking for an alternative product.

I think I might have found it in the Leco Top Tube Child Seat, which is reviewed in the listing and on Most of the websites that sell it ship only to the UK, but there is one seller on eBay who will ship it worldwide. But here’s what makes me really nervous: I can only find two photos of it in use and another two in the wild online. Does it not actually get used because it’s uncomfortable? Do kids outgrow it too quickly?

Anyone actually have experience with bike seats for bigger kids?

2 thoughts on “Bike seats for bigger kids?

  1. So obviously Bert would become the kid-carry all then? I like the idea behind these seats and imagine D would thrive being that close to you (it’s practically inside!)

    My only concern is how long it lasts…I’ve seen “modified” infant seats that look just tiny but less size dependent-ish.

    SOLUTION!!! Let’s build our own awesome bikes!

  2. Angel – yeah, I am thinking that with the trailer-bike on the back (which precludes using the BoBike Junior) and the Leco in front and a solid double kickstand, Bert could become kid-carrier supreme. But I’d love more information before I tried it out.

    In general, some people point out that having big kids in front of you messes with your knee motion, that they can mess with the steering as well, and that they may be less safe there.

    Also, let’s be honest: what I really want is a bakfiets… =D

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