Canada Day Bike Decorations (LGRAB Summer Games post 5)

Canada Day Bike Decorations (LGRAB Summer Games post 5)

Today I’m blogging about decorating a bicycle, as part of the Learning Experiences section of the LGRAB Summer Games.

This evening I spent some time decorating the CCM Bike Buddy that we acquired last week (from Kijiji once again). It’s rather plain, so my girly-girl Audrey was really excited today when I suggested that we pick up some craft supplies and decorate it for Canada Day. We got some sparkly wired maple-leaf garland, wired polyester ribbon, and some flags of varying sizes. Here’s the result:
We: poked small flags into the holes for streamers in the handles; used clear packing tape to attach a larger flag at the top of the safety-flag pole; and wrapped the garland around the frame of the bike. Nothing we did is permanent, although it should be pretty durable if Audrey doesn’t want to remove it all as soon as Canada Day is over.
The ribbon-woven spokes were really time-consuming, but they look great! Basically they’re a slightly more sophisticated, more permanent version of the crepe-paper streamer spoke decorating you see on sites for kids like the ones in this roundup. (Aside: I am jonesing to make a grownup version of the beaded handlebar streamers they link to!)
Here is what it looked like before decorating, when I was trying it on Bert for size. I think we’ll add some stickers on the chainguard as the finishing touch. Now we just need to finish getting Bert running before the 1st of July!

5 thoughts on “Canada Day Bike Decorations (LGRAB Summer Games post 5)

  1. Thanks Dottie! Audrey cannot wait for me to finish fixing Bert so we can take it for a spin. As I noted in a previous post, Mary’s 28-inch wheels are too big to accommodate a trailer-bike, and in addition to rack-removal there are some hub-shifter issues that need to be dealt with. Sigh. Canada Day is Thursday, so I have a deadline! =)

  2. Thanks Fiona!

    Coreen – I had been hoping to ride in either the Silly Summer parade or the Terwillegar Towne Canada Day Bike Parade… but got sidelined by a migraine. Bummer. Next year!!

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