Daisy Chain (almost literally)

Daisy Chain (almost literally)


In an effort to embrace our bike community and get the word out there even more, I’m determined to get daily (or as close as I can get to daily) blogs out regarding biking in our city. Some of them might not be Edmonton related though, as I have a few covetable/unique things found on the internets! Anyway, I think I can do this, think of it as a Na-Ni-Wri-Mo thing, only bike related, and in June because really, who doesn’t want to bike around all summer long?

So I’m in the process of testing a bicycle trailer to haul my kidlets in. Damien is 5 and Lili is almost 2. Together they only weight approx 70 lbs together so technically can both easily fit into a trailer with weight allowance for say lunch or some groceries, or toys (or all of the above and then some!)

The kids, Daisy, and me, about to adventure!

Last night I attached the borrowed (aka soon to be purchased if it works with both kids in it) trailer. Damien’s helmet was “hidden” (pretty sure he’d put it “away” somewhere his sister couldn’t get it) so we literally just went quickly down the drive way of our condo complex. It was definitely a different experience though. I could tell that Daisy needs a good cleaning again after our windy dusty “spring” (read: dust blowing into garage onto what was once a pretty clean bike).

Observation: The kids are SQUISHED. (see photo)

These are actually happy faces, but more like “Why have we stopped!”

Second observation: The seat caves in a wee bit, hence the EXTRA squishiness. I’m not sure if this is something the kids will learn to have to deal with or if there’s a way of solutionizing this?

Thankfully though, this allows for “oh look we need more milk” runs without strollering. Also school runs will gloriously be speedy and exercise filled! Sure there’s only like 10 classes left, but still, it’s a future. And plans for more park exploration are on the horizon. There’s a very very awesome park a few neighbourhoods over (I’m talking massive green area, huge selection of climbing and swinging and kid-being) and I’d love to NOT be the parent who has to drive there to make it before nap time.

Things learned though: Lili LOVES (and I do mean LOVES) bikes. Recently we ran across a wooden balance bike (that I just checked the price on and sighed desperately) and had the funds (and store) been available, would have been now ridden to exhaustion, and back. She has since tried to sit on her aunt’s road bike (perhaps another post…) and tries to climb onto her tricycle all the time. Bike collecting in our house? Going to be popular!!

So I’m wondering, do any of you have any experience with bike trailers or even biking with 1 semi self-reliant training wheels required boy and 1 definitely needing containment almost 2 year old? I’d like something that I can at least attempt to use most of the year long, but I know winters here are going to be pushing it when it comes to biking.

Comments are MORE than appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Daisy Chain (almost literally)

  1. Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions on trailers as I didn’t get back onto my bike until my oldest had been riding for awhile and my youngest simply wasnt’ intersted.

    I did want to say that some of my friends have just taken the cranks off their regular little kid bikes to make a balance bike. Same deal, much less expensive since little kid bikes are a dime a dozen more places.

    Good luck!

  2. My kids ultimately got sick of the trailer and I abandoned it. Mr T (4.5y) and Miss K (3y) fought CONSTANTLY because they were always touching one another. I even reinforced the underside of the seat thinking less sagging would equal less touching, but no. Still they fought.
    Oh, and then there’s the distance factor – we couldn’t talk to each other. Well, in reality, it’s more like I couldn’t yell at them to STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER!!!

    If you’re looking for a quick fix, I’d put the little one on the back of your bike in a child seat and let the big guy have the trailer to himself. Or vice-versa – Mr T gets a kick out of being my “signal man” in his rear seat.

    The non-quick fix is of course to get a cargo bike. I LOVE my cargo bike.

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