Exploration & Errands all in one! (LGRAB Summer Games post 6)

Exploration & Errands all in one! (LGRAB Summer Games post 6)

Today I’m blogging about exploring a new part of town, as part of the New Territory section of the LGRAB Summer Games.

So last night I ventured over to Deborah’s for a bike ride with her and Audrey.

Audrey on the used bike she got for her birthday.
First we did the short route through Deb’s subdivision that we’re planning to use for a picnic expedition with the kids, around Tomlinson Park and into the park beside the stormwater pond off Thibault Way, and back home to drop off Audrey with her dad. Then we went to see the new school (Monsignor William Irwin Elementary) that Audrey will attend when it opens this fall. It has lots of sweet bike rack space, and reserved parking stalls for carpools and electric vehicles!
Then we headed out of Terwillegar Towne via Towne Centre Boulevard to 23rd Avenue, where we took the multiuse path to the corner of Rabbit Hill Road where the strip malls and grocery stores are clustered. There are actually some pretty interesting shops and restaurants in those strips, so we’ll probably make them a destination again sometime.
Me and Daisy posing as the sun set by the recently-opened Leger transit hub on 23rd Avenue, 
with the new recreation centre that’s under construction in the background. 

The girls, with their faux-flower decorated crates, parked outside the grocery store. 
There was no bike parking outside the cafe where we stopped for strawberry lemonade smoothies (tsk tsk).
By the time we had grabbed our groceries, it was twilight, and we don’t have headlamps (yet!), so we walked our bikes across the intersection at the lights and rode back to Deb’s taking the same route through the big neighborhood park that she already described.

We saw a family of bunnies!
Here is our actual route: a loop of about 6.2 km (3.8 miles) according to GoogleMaps.

7 thoughts on “Exploration & Errands all in one! (LGRAB Summer Games post 6)

  1. That looks like a fun ride!! I wish I lived closer to Eliza and I could come by and play with Mary Poppins & Daisy!!

    BTW where did you get the cup holders?? I think I might be able to attach one to Eliza if the clamp is thin enough

  2. My cupholder came from Canadian Tire, of all places. It’s part of a line labelled Everyday, that also includes the retro-style saddles both Mary and Daisy are sporting, and some decent looking racks and panniers. Angel’s cupholder came from eBay, I think…

  3. The cupholders are FANTASTIC!! I had a bit of my drink left after grocery getting and rode all the way home without much mess. Sure if it was full that wouldn’t work…but that’s also why we can go slow and steady 🙂

  4. So with mine (the eBay treasure) I have found the following problems. My …no brand? tiny water bottle (the metal ones)was TOO tiny. I have a bigger one, more klean kanteen style that fits, but because my holder gets smaller so quickly (or so it seems)I end up with a giant amount of bottle sticking up high.

    I’m sure there’s a perfect solution beyond the tradition on bottom tube type holder….to the google machines!!

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