Full On Double Kickstands, part 1

Full On Double Kickstands, part 1

Previously on Loop-Frame Love: Mary Poppins had her original too-short Pletscher single kickstand switched for a double one that was also too short for her.

After being unsatisfied with what I found locally, I resorted to eBay, and got myself this adjustable-length double kickstand from a vendor in the States:

The stamp in the metal says YING CHENG TAIWAN. The legs screw out and are secured with a threaded nut.

Mary Poppins with her new kickstand.

Hubby chastised me for using my adjustable wrench and went and got the socket wrench set to do the last couple of turns. Wait, we have socket wrenches?

Bert got the other double-kickstand. I’ll feel way better about using Bert for kid-hauling now.

Mary also got a new old saddle, a comfy off-white Brooks vinyl model with springs underneath, that the eBay vendor said came off a Raleigh Twenty with a 1980 hub. It has saddlebag loops, so when I’m going crateless I can use my off-white saddlebag.

Practically perfect in every way.

Audrey snapped this photo earlier in the day when we were out for a ride.
The outfit: black linen-blend bermudas, black ballet flats, and a knit top so thin it verges on being sheer. 
(Note to self: thin blousy knits feel great on hot days but are unflattering on camera. Sigh.)

Coming up: in Part 2, Daisy gets a much-needed double kickstand too!

11 thoughts on “Full On Double Kickstands, part 1

  1. Great kickstand!!! I’m still having problems finding one that will with Eliza:(

    Love the outfit too..You look comfy and cool..Where did you find the bermuda shorts?

  2. Fiona – This one might work for Eliza! Mary Poppins has 28 inch wheels and is a Raleigh-built Phillips, and I barely have to extend the adjustable legs to use it with her. I think it would work for a lot of tall bikes. (Oh, and the shorts are from Ricki’s.)

  3. I may have to see…Eliza doesn’t have that mounting plate underneath that I think that Mary Poppins has?? I have two Old Plestcher ones I’m watching on ebay but they are both different lengths and Supper Bike Mechanic hasn’t responded to my emails so not sure which one to bid on lol

    P.S. I think its so cool our bikes our both named after movie characters:D

    P.P.S. Just checked Ricki’s site and found the shorts but Boo!! out of my size

  4. Deborah~

    I found the shorts today at Ricki’s at WEM 🙂 thanks for letting me know about them..I may have to take the little strings off at the bottom of the legs but I just love them:)

  5. Deborah

    I forgot to ask but did Mary Poppins already have the mounting bracket or did come with your new kickstand? I’m seriously trying to see how I do this with Eliza.


  6. NIce! I need a heavy duty kickstand like that for my Betty Foy. Her one-legged Pletscher kickstand is practically useless.

    I love that picture of you!

  7. Aw thanks Dottie! When I got Mary Poppins, she had a one-legged Pletcher kickstand, too – so I can definitely relate! This one might not be period-appropriate but it’ll mean fewer dings in the period paint. =)

    Fiona: see that pic of the kickstand laying in the grass before installation? All the parts for installing are there in the bag: a metal plate and a big ol’ bolt with a washer that’s threaded for a hole in the kickstand itself. If Eliza is like Mary Poppins (are they are both built by Raleigh, so she should be), there will be a space between the bottom bracket and the rear fender that the plate and kickstand can sandwich and the bolt can go through. Does that make sense? It might be easiest for us to have a coffee date so you can see it in person… 😉

  8. I vote coffee date!!! I checked the same spot on the Raleigh BUT because part of the rod brake parts run underneath in that area I’m not sure if it will work but maybe a fresh set of eyes could see something different

  9. Oh my god. I’m so jealous of this kickstand. I ordered one for Pashley from redbike but haven’t heard of its arrival yet. I’m tired of my heavy basket causing my trusty steed to fall over.

    Also, your cargo capacity… WOW!

  10. Fiona: OH! That explains why lots of the old rod-brake bikes I have seen in photos have a triangular stand attached at the rear axle… like this one: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230445655880&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_500wt_818
    Only for a 28-inch bike.

    @miss sarah: I know! =D I am so excited to be able to take this bike for a quick run to the grocery store (one less car!). Anything less than 2 full cloth Save-On Foods bags fits when I have the egg crate on the back – and if I really wanted to carry more I could wear a backpack.

  11. That would be perfect if it was for a 28-inch wheel…I think I’m actually going to have something made from a guy in Boston though

    Sarah~When did you order your kickstand? It didn’t take me very long at all to get mine from Red Bike:)

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