Holy Shimano

Holy Shimano

Just a quick gripe…

The stupid back hub is ruining Bert’s chances of being ridden before next summer. The fellow who was working on him before he sold to me installed a Shimano 3-speed as the rear hub (instead of the Sturmey-Archer it would have come with), but had not hooked it up to a shifter. The shifter that came on the bike is, of course, the correct SA shifter, which will not talk to a Shimano hub even if you MacGyver it as described previously. (Thank you to whoever pointed out in the comments that the gearing ratios are different so I did not waste more time on that attempt.). I spent an evening scouring EBC’s parts room and brought home the only one that could work, except that its’ shape makes it impossible to install on anything except dropped bars, and it will not connect to the correct 3-speed cable that I have. So now I am waiting on the shipment of the only correct shifter to be found on eBay.

At this rate my husband will never ride it, and I will never pull the kids on a trailer-bike using it.

Grumble mutter curse.

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