Ready for Critical Lass?

Ready for Critical Lass?

Here is our route for tomorrow’s suburban Critical Lass style ride, folks:

Google says it’s 8.9km and would take nearly 2 hours to walk. So my timing estimates for riding have cut the walking estimates roughly in half, and added time for playing and eating and shopping.

1pm-ish: meet at the playground on Tomlinson Common (A); kids can play while we admire outfits, take photos, make last-minute bike adjustments

1:30-ish: leave playground (A) and head to playground on Haddow Drive (B), which will take about 6 minutes to ride depending on the timing of the traffic light where we`ll cross Terwillegar Drive. Good spot to stop and fix anything that’s rattling and let the kids play a little (the equipment is quite different) before we do the longer ride to the Riverbend Square shopping area (E).

2-ish to 2:20-ish: B-C-D-E. Will actually take about 20 minutes tops, unless we decide to stop at the (unmarked) playground on Riverbend Road in Henderson Estates. Hoping the kids will be played out & we can head straight for food instead. (Are you starting to see why I nicknamed this route the Tour-De-Playground?)

2:20ish: There is a branch of the Edmonton Public Library, a locally-owned toy store, and several restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and shops in the Riverbend Square area (E). I suggest that anyone wanting to meet us look for us at the Second Cup. (Strawberry lemonade! – Angel)

3:00ish: Depart Riverbend Square (E) and head via Falconer Heights to the pedestrian bridge over Terwillegar Drive (I), which should take less than 10 minutes. From there we’ll be continuing on the east-west multiuse path to the last playground of the day at Archbishop Joseph MacNeil school (J) then past the rec centre site en route to my place – or we can choose to shorten this route and skip the playground by taking a different multiuse path from to the lights (L) on 23rd Ave. If we do the route as marked, it`ll take 15 minutes plus any time spent at the playground. From there we will be heading straight to my place (N), another 5 minutes tops.

3:30ish: Arrive at Deborah’s for barbeque. I suggest that anyone who is coming to meet us for the barbeque wait until 4pm or so to give us extra time, in case of extra shopping in Riverbend or playground time at AJM.

Again, anyone wanting to meet up with us – DM us so we can trade cell numbers! We’ll also try using Glympse to tweet our location for anyone who would like to cyberstalk us. 😉

One last thing: look what Eri made for us!

3 thoughts on “Ready for Critical Lass?

  1. Have secured babysitting for Dexter tomorrow so I’ll be there! He still cannot walk and isn’t into playgrounds so he would potentially have to sit in a trailer for hours on end. Even if we took him out, putting him back in makes him really upset as he enjoys being out to party. And now I won’t have the uncertainty of not fitting the trailer into the old trains.

    The only thing is I won’t be able to stay past 3ish since I’ll have to get back in time to get the baby. But I’m super excited for the parts I can be there for and will be sure to do lots of photographing during my time at the ride:)

  2. Miss Sarah – Yay for being able to come! Although I am disappointed that Dexter won’t make it, I’m sure you’re right that he wouldn’t be happy with our arrangements. Although honestly I am not sure if any kids besides my Audrey will be coming (she is so excited, and has planned her outfit to match the buttons).
    We’re talking outfits on Twitter right now…

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