Autumn Critical Lass, Sat Oct 2nd

Autumn Critical Lass, Sat Oct 2nd

We have chosen a date for the next Critical Lass ride!

We’ve moved it to a Saturday so that we’re not competing with Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ AGM (1-3pm on Sun Oct 3rd).
The weather will probably be cool. This is a great opportunity to do a layered fall look with tall boots!

Next question is what route should we do? Comments?

16 thoughts on “Autumn Critical Lass, Sat Oct 2nd

  1. Replies via twitter so far: Looks like the Oct 2 date works for @CitizenFish, @onefour, @bikesnrice, and @LauraSem.

    Pre-election timing means those who are volunteering with campaigns will be doorknocking or otherwise busy that day.

  2. I’m in for October 2nd as well. Two thougts on routes (given my limited knowledge of the city geography…)

    1. Starting at or near an LRT station. South Campus might be good – lots of trails nearby, right?


    2. A route that would let us visit Duchess Bake Shoppe on 124th Street! I don’t know which streets are bike-friendly in this neighbourhood but man do I love Duchess (and the window shopping on 124th…)

  3. There’s a chance I might be out. I’ll try hard to make it, but time and route knowledge *soon* would help. I’m not sure what to suggest for a route. If I’m attending I’d feel more comfortable with less-busy streets car wise.

  4. Karen suggested starting at an LRT stop – how about if we start at the Belgravia-McKernan stop? Then just ride to Sask Dr and follow it & Groat Rd along the top of the river valley to the area around RedBike? Then, coffee break (or lunch, if it’s in the morning instead of the afternoon) and shopping?

    I think that means only 1 spot where we have to cross a busy street (Groat Road, on a crosswalk at the traffic circle. According to
    (it’s I-J, 7-8) it’ll be a mix of signed on-road and multiuse path riding.

    Timing to be discussed by informal twitter poll in a sec.

    Sound good?

  5. Yay! This sounds awesome to me. It’s really close to home for us so Dan can bring our new baby to meet you guys when we stop for coffee.

    What time are we starting? I have synchro practice that morning and won’t be home until at least 11am. A noon or later start time would be best for me.

  6. I vote to start at South Campus.If people need to drive then it’s more accessible for drop offs. On the weekends it’s not too busy and the perfect place to start our ride. I’ve ridden to Redbike from there many times via Sask. Drive. There’s a MUP bridge that crosses over to Belgravia, then onto Sask. drive , the UA then RB area. 1pm start sounds great!

  7. That sounds good… though I’m directionally challenged and probably have no clue where you are actually talking about (HAHA I’m dumb!)

    I’m going to push for timing so I can attend. All assuming I can get Bebe fully within my car, with rear seats folded down.

    Oh… and I have nothing to wear…

  8. Laura – we could carpool again?

    Judy – that sounds great! I had been thinking those who need it (like me) could do on-street parking on 76th, but there’s a parking lot at South Campus station right?

    Consensus from casual twitterpoll = 1pm start time…

  9. Yes, lots of parking at South Campus. Though I believe you have to pay. Still, it’s a convenient place to start! I’m excited about seeing everyone!

  10. I may be unable to make it because of hubby’s commitments and the nap time of one little monster daughter. I’ll find out shortly….might just crash and join for an hour and then bail, we shall see 🙂

  11. Weather update: current forecast is for 23C and sunny. Which is almost as warm as our spring and summer rides were. So, adjust your outfit plans accordingly!

    Also, please spread the word. We’ve been busy and consequently have been total slackers about letting people know about this. maybe we should create a FB event page?

  12. @edmontonbikes: I’m sure there are several people who would like to attend both the CL ride and the AGM, myself included! We figured overlap with the CanBike Instructor course would be less of a problem. Hope we’ll see you Saturday!

    Yikes. I need to figure out what I’m going to wear. The woolens I had planned just won’t work.

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