Trudy Got An Upgrade

Trudy Got An Upgrade

Remember the 1972 Phillips step-through that I had dubbed Mary Poppins’ Little Sister?

She’s finally gotten some much-needed love. I got her back from RedBike today.

Those are Cheng Shin 26 x 1-3/8 nylon tires that I scored on eBay from a guy who was offloading parts he hadn’t used from a fixie conversion, a period double kickstand, the Canadian Tire Everyday saddle that had been on Mary Poppins (as a more-comfortable stopgap until I can get a Brooks), and a Nantucket Bike Basket Co. wicker basket and giant chrome ding-dong bell from RedBike.

In the not-too-distant future she’ll also get a BoBike Junior child seat installed on her, and Dom will ride in the back while Audrey rides her own bike to school.

We’d been thinking of her as Ms. Phillips, but with the white tires and all that shiny chrome, I decided that she needs a 1960s stewardess’ name. So she’s now Ms. Trudy Phillips (after the author of a famous kiss-and-tell book).

Now that it’s safe to do so, I took her for a quick spin around the block. She’s a Raleigh-built three-speed. The lowest gear is ridiculously low and will only get used on the steepest of hills; second gear (big jump) feels like the third gear on the five-speed I had as a teenager; and third gear feels like the fourth gear on my old five-speed. This steel-frame bike will never go as fast as that five-speed… well, maybe if I’m headed down a steep hill. Also: hand brakes! I realized tonight that I have missed having hand brakes.

Can’t wait to do a longer ride on her!

8 thoughts on “Trudy Got An Upgrade

  1. Thanks everyone! She is looking very pretty, isn’t she? Can’t wait to get out and ride her.

    @adventure: I have a feeling these tires aren’t quite at the Schwalbe level of quality…

    Update on Ms. Trudy: as I type this she is at RedBike having her BoBike Junior seat installed on the back. We still need to order the leg extenders and little-boy-toe/skirt/coatguards (we’re hopeful that now that it’s the new year they won’t be sold out, as was the case last time when we ordered the seat). Cannot wait to see, or have my little man try the seat out!

    The RedBike dudes talked me out of studded tires for her, since (a) they’ll be a tight fit under the Raleigh fenders, if they fit at all; (b) winter riding conditions here are just too hard on bikes; and (c) she’s so pretty it would be a shame to ruin her.

    I also decided against the luscious white leather seat, since it’s most like a Brooks B17 in proportions and with my upright posture and womanly post-baby figure I’ll be most comfortable on a B66S or B67S. Saving up.

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