Bicycle-friendly hotels

Bicycle-friendly hotels

This paragraph appeared on page 102 (the Travel page) of a recent print issue of Elle:



As cities get ever more bike friendly (yay!), smart hoteliers are offering guests complimentary, stylish two-wheelers. We can’t imagine a nicer way to experience the Hamptons off-season than on the Maidstone’s red Kronans, adapted from the Swedish Army standard-issue ride (207 Main Street, 631-324-5006). Survey New York’s Hudson or East River Park on a cruiser from the newly opened James Hotel*, the Bowery Hotel, or the Jane; or explore Boston’s Charles River on one of the Liberty Hotel‘s steel steeds**. Longing to test all the cute roadside foodie trucks in Portland, Oregon? The Hotel Monaco*** or the new, lower-priced W sibling, Aloft,** have your carbon-emissions-free, calorie-burning vehicle waiting. – M.P.

*(The James’ website mentions a pedicab service, but not bicycles, for their NYC location. Their Chicago location offers Paul Frank adult & child city bikes.)

**(not currently mentioned anywhere on their website)

***(I think they mean the bike rentals that are part of the Car-Free Vacation Package – more info here)

I’m already looking ruefully at our icy Edmonton roads and dreaming of a holiday somewhere more bicycle-friendly. 

Not mentioned in the article:
– Portland’s Jupiter Hotel rent their guests Electra bicycles
– Seattle’s Watertown Hotel offer free loaner bikes & helmets
– Vancouver’s Wedgewood Hotel have a promotion involving road bicycles and a tour of the city

Let’s crowdsource and see if we can make that small list of bicycle-friendly hotels a little longer, shall we? Also feel free to mention cities that have public bike-share programmes, like Montreal, that would make the bike-friendliness of the place you’re staying less important! Aaaand: go!

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  1. I don’t have a name of a hotel to offer, but I am extremely pleased to see that the Wedgewood Hotel has a cycling package available for guests. They were not happy with the installation of the Hornby Bike Lanes, but I am hoping they will come to realize how valuable an asset these could be to their guests, who only have to cross the street and find themselves on it. The network of lanes now allow guests to have a convenient, safe and enjoyable circle ride, starting and leaving the Hotel. The lanes offer access to the very best Vancouver has to offer tourists and locals alike – Stanley Park, the Seawall, Granville Island, a taste of downtown – and all the sights and sounds in between. Hats Off to the Wedgewood – by offering a cycling package and in hopes they are reconsidering their stand – and Hats Off to Elle Magazine for their article.

  2. While hostels aren’t as stylish as boutique hotels (so they won’t be written up in Elle anytime soon), both Portland hostels offer inexpensive bike rentals: The HI-Hawthorne (3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214 503-236-3380) and the HI-Northwest (425 NW 18th Ave, Portland OR 97209 503-241-2783). Prices at the Hawthorne are $20 first day, $15 each additional day, $75 deposit.
    (Full disclosure: I work at the Hawthorne!)

  3. I stayed at a really cool hostel in Tofino that had (I think it was $10 a day) rental cruiser bikes. It’s located at the tofino botanical gardens (admission to which is free to guests), it’s called the Ecolodge apparently but most people called it the clayoquot field station it was cheap to stay there too compared to hotels and much quieter than the other hostels I’d stayed at.

  4. I was so impressed with the bike friendly hotel we stayed in a few years ago in Portland. They offered bike parking in their garage and the hotel staff was able to give us several ideas about where to rent bikes, as well as maps with good routes.

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