Gift Ideas for Bicyclists

Gift Ideas for Bicyclists

In no particular order, here are some things we’re coveting for Christmas.
We thought we’d post them in case anyone is looking for last-minute ideas at all price points –
although it’s possibly too late for shipping from the online vendors in time for the holidays,
maybe your favourite LBS carries them or something similar.

The Pageant Queen Reflective Sash from Aussie e-tailer CycleStyle
(did they airbrush out the model’s belly button?)

Angel is obsessed lately with owls (ob.sessed!) , so she’d wear her sash over this t-shirt,

or maybe this one from Threadless.

We LOVE the genius Pinko buttons & magnets from Toronto-based Spacing magazine 
(in response to hockey commentator Don Cherry’s ridiculous diatribe last week).

Mr. Cherry needs to evolve (it’s a sticker or magnet).

An uber-pretty sterling silver bicycle necklace by Rachel Pfeffer (Etsy’s luckyduct shop)

There’s also no shortage of vintage sterling bicycle charms and other jewelry out there on eBay and Etsy; we especially love this bracelet that reminds us of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters logo.

A proper winter helmet. This one is the women’s Bern Brighton with hunter knit liner.
(I think it may be the exact one Miss Sarah uses, come to think of it.)

For when the weather warms up, Bird Industries’ brilliant skirt garter to keep our skirts in place.

A cargo bike or bakfiets of some kind for kid-hauling with ease. This one is the Nihola Cigar, which has a detachable rain cover, so all it would need for winterization is some fleece blankets for the kids.

More vintage bicycle photography for Deb’s fabulous collection
but if you search on “bicycle” and “photo” you’ll find many lovely snapshots 
and photo postcards for US$5-$20 each).
Screenprinted bike art posters (this one is by Etsy’s Eggplant Elephant – LOVE).
So what’s on your wish list?

6 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Bicyclists

  1. @breakingchainstakinglanes: Thanks Coreen! That is a *significantly* better deal for a similar product. The expensive one we linked to actually attaches to spokes, not valves, and appears to have more complicated blinking patterns. But the valve light you link to would be just as good for visibility (maybe better if it’s brighter!).

    Somehow I forgot to put on this list:
    studded deep-tread tires for Bert, who I have decided will become my winter ride. Both the roads and the sidewalks in my neighborhood are reliably covered with enough snow that I’ll need them if I’m going to get any winter riding in.

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