Retro outfit repro #2

Retro outfit repro #2

Remember these RPPCs?

1. The perfect boater. If your local hat shop lacks this essential, try Nsha Club’s Classic Port Skimmer 
2. Gauzy, sheer long rectangular scarf in georgette, crepe, or chiffon (optional):
3. White blouse with puffed sleeves and pintucked bib: if you can’t find the perfect vintage version
check the cosplay websites (apparently these are called Lolita blouses now!).
(Edit – I have removed the link here on the advice of @aprilstarchild in the comments –
see her comment for better vendors for Lolita fashion!) 
4. Gloves: a vintage-feeling style in leather, jersey, or crochet lace would be ideal – 
the links are to patterns on Etsy so you can make your own if need be
5. Ankle-length A-line skirt: Etsy’s econica has custom-sewn versions with appliques or ruffles in a variety of environmentally responsible fabrics – but a 4-panel A-line cut is a closer match to the Edwardian silhouette.
6. Side-button ankle boots: Sofft Orlena at Zappos

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  1. Lolita is actually a fashion and subculture in Japan, and the look includes very old-fashioned and frilly blouses, sometimes with a large peter-pan collar.

    Milanoo is a terrible, terrible website to buy from–the finished product never looks like the picture, the items are poorly made, and some take forever to be delivered, to add insult to injury. More here:

    Now there are a number of “brand-name” stores in Japan with lovely blouses:
    –and they usually do international orders. Items from these brands are very, very well made and high quality. However, they are also very expensive, unless your currency is doing insanely well compared to the yen.

    Cheaper options include:
    The last one, Anna House, is in Hong Kong dollars, so don’t have sticker shock–I bought a blouse there for $30US or so. They all take paypal, I believe, and I know that Bodyline ships very very fast. Fan Plus Friend and Anna House also do custom sizing.

    Sorry to make such a long comment…but I’d hate for people to buy from milanoo when there’s other places that are so much better and, sometimes, inexpensive as well.

  2. @aprilstarchild – Thank you so much! I had no idea which online vendors are reputable, and actually had hoped someone would pipe up if the one I had found wasn’t. I’ll edit the text of the post to point to your comment so none of our readers miss it.

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