Fun With Lego

Fun With Lego

My son got a few sets of Lego City for Christmas. We spent the other night setting up a Lego table for him. I know you’ve all seen the brilliant sustainable Lego community over at Miss Sarah’s blog, but I still had to amuse myself with a few photos:

My coblogger Angel, parking her bike Daisy beside the little coffee stand near the LRT station. 
Her bike’s got a milk crate on the back, big enough to hold both her Bern-style helmet and a briefcase 
(Actually the crate is the bowl for the dog’s huge sausages, from the Lego City Advent calendar).
I think it’s pretty awesome that Lego have a bike shop as part of the set. 
The bearded fellow riding in the bike lane must have a generator hub, since his headlamp is on.

I’m locking up my bike & meeting hubby at the bus station closest to the LRT.
The policeman walking the beat looks a bit like Eric Estrada circa CHiPS, doesn’t he?
It’s a shame Lego haven’t come out yet with wave-style bike racks, 
or front bike baskets, although it may be possible to macgyver a porteur rack.

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  1. The lego bike shop sign is really cool.
    In random surfing I came across a online viewable 1918 CCM bike catalogue it’s really really neat, I think you folks will dig it if you haven’t already seen it. on page 8 there is a chainguard that blew my mind as well as the “whangdoodle” on page 38! I’m waiting for the weather to clear up so I can start working on the 1947 ccm ladies roadster I picked up recently (picture at my blog).

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