Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

The snowbanks are melting, although the 17-storey Mount Slushmore in the west end may take until next winter. My five-year-old is delighting in pointing out hints of green among the brown blades where grass is exposed. My seven-year-old is thrilled to be wearing a thin fleece-lined jacket instead of an adapted sleeping bag. Today I saw a robin, and yesterday, when we took the kids for a long walk, we saw a pair of migrating geese (and boy, they looked pissed that their pond was still frozen over).

Best of all, today I took Ms Trudy Phillips out for a (too-short) ride around the block:

Happy to be playing in the sunshine. Someday I’ll figure out the art of the panda shot.
Sensible shoes: my shiny black rainboots, worn with thick knee-high socks and capris.

The sun and cool breeze on my face were absolutely heavenly. I must put more air in her tires and have another go, ASAP.

The residential roads are finally ice-free in my neighborhood, although the margins are covered in a winter’s worth of the dirty sand that makes Americans who visit Edmonton in winter think we don’t have paved roads. These shots are typical of conditions in the back alleys:

Skeptical bicyclist is skeptical. I’m wondering if my iPhone camera will get a decent shot.
As you can see, there’s a little stream running down the middle of the alley behind my home.
Some of the puddles are fairly deep.

So, things are improving! Hopefully we’ll be able to come fully out of hibernation soon and announce a Critical Lass date for May…

5 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Wow – How incredible! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for you and your fellow residents. It will be interesting to see how much of it still remains at the end of the summer. The melting streets of your neighbourhood must be nice to see.

  2. Yes indeed! This winter has seemed interminable, in large part because the snow just kept accumulating – most climates that get big dumps of snow at least get a few warm days between storms so that the snow melts off, but we don’t have any big lakes or oceans nearby – and we aren’t close enough to the Rockies to get many chinooks – so our temps stay well below freezing all winter.

    Everyone here has Spring fever, even though the temps aren’t topping 5 degrees Celsius. Sub in snow for drizzle in this:
    …and you pretty much have Edmonton pegged. =D

  3. Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
    But seriously – my street has only existed for 10 years. The asphalt is only starting to show cracks for the first time this spring. Give it five years, the potholes will come. =D

  4. PS: took both kids out for a sidewalk ride this afternoon, in their splashpants and raincoats (the puddles are ankle-deep for grownups today). Dom LOVES the Bobike seat on the back of Ms Trudy, and quickly learnt to stay still so Mommy’s bike didn’t wobble. Audrey has already almost outgrown her 16″ bike bought for her last August – her knees almost hit the handlebars. They reviewed bike safety in her second-grade class yesterday, and Audrey taught her classmates how to correctly use hand signals. Both kids are riding confidently on their own bikes – Dom can make Tigger go faster than I can walk now, a huge improvement from last fall. Yay!!

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