Spring Treats on Etsy

Spring Treats on Etsy

I’d rather not think about the slush that’s falling from the sky as I type this:

So instead I spent some time in my happy place (Etsy), imagining bicycles with lovely handmade accoutrements going on a summer picnics. The good news is that some new makers are offering gorgeous skirtguards, seat covers, handcarved or reupholstered seats, and saddlebags… so I made a treasury of them to share with you… 

‘Bicycle Belles’ by ecoDomestica


















2 thoughts on “Spring Treats on Etsy

  1. Update: I bought the pattern for Hedwig’s crochet skirtguards! (The really simple ones in the upper right corner of the treasury.) They looked like even a novice crochet-er like myself might be able to manage them without screwing them up. =D

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