How do you do….Bike Storage?

How do you do….Bike Storage?

Where the “Second Car” ought to be. (yay no 2nd car!)

It’s spring cleaning time and I’ve decided to tackle the garage first. Mostly because the bulk of my “possessions” (not clothing, books, or kid things) are in the garage….aka, my lovely bikes 🙂


(See: Ella, Daisy, Galaxie, Gino (which is actually a long term loaner to the Hubs, but he still counts), and Free Loading Bike (a mountain bike who shall (for seriously) become my winter-ish bike). Not to mention the Foldy Twins, Damien’s Spider Man bike, and Liliana’s Trike. Oh…and 2 different trailers (one of which was turned into a storage center so all bikey bits stay in one place.) Some of these are admittedly in various states of needing work to be rideable)

I’ve hit a road block though. I’d like to find some more cohesive manner of storing them than stacked along the sides in a non-accessible way. Currently if I wanted to work on my Galaxie, I’d need to move at least 3 bikes, plus or minus a few kids bikes or parts.

The biggest problem I face is that I have a huge garage that I’d like to make as multi purpose as possible (aka on a rainy day, moving the mom-mobile and letting the kids ride around in the double garage would be fantastic). However, with my bike collection currently the opening is close to that of my van. So…not exactly great riding space.

Current options in stores or online seem to be aimed towards either apartment dwelling or bicycles with straight top tubes instead of my plethora of step through variants.

My biggest hindrance at this time is cost and time. I’d like something affordable and safe, but also don’t want to spend a month building something that will require me having to ask for tonnes of help. (aka my dad just left from a brief visit yesterday and I’m gonna guess he’ll be hesistant to come back out if his first “project” is bike sorting).

Current options that I am considering:

Canadian Tire sells simple vinyl coated hooks, meant for bike storage. They’re incredibly affordable ($0.94 each) and I’d like to think when used properly, would easily support a bicycle. I’m thinking some sort of staggered hook placement that each bike would need to be measured for before hand (thus every bike in it’s place?) but I’m not sure if my garage has the right spacing between studs to allow this to be done quickly and easily or if I’ll be building around them to make it work. (I guess this means going and measure precisely which bikes need which space and which can go where?)

My dad suggested using a pulley and some hooks to haul bikes up to the rafters. At first I thought this a brilliant idea until the only hooks I could find were a: uncoated or coated with an abrasive substance  and b: definitely not going to work for any bike except possibly Gino. So yes, he’d be up and out of the way, but he’s also the bike Hubs prefers to “ride”, aka foot along the paths with the kids with, so it’d be slightly impractical to put him up except for in winter.

So how do you store bikes? In home or garage? Did you build something up or do you do the “stack along the wall” method?

((ETA: Upon browsing Canadian Tire’s website for a link/photo of the desired cheap hook I found this:  Bicycle Lift. Anyone used something similar? It looks like it might actually work for all my bikes, which would potentially mean that, assuming they all are similar enough to not require adjustments all the time, it’d be a viable option to at least keep whichever is the currently least used bike up “out of the way”.))

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  1. If you use the staggered hook idea, you can do it so that the rear wheel is always on the ground and the front wheel is raised as its in the hook. Its easier to put the bikes away this way, and you don’t need to worry about the whole weight of the bike on the hook. It still takes a bit of space, but less than when they are just leaning against the wall.

  2. I have the CanTire hooks. Well, actually I have the slightly heavier version, but they work great! The only thing to be careful of is decide first if you want to hang your bike from the ceiling or the wall. If you read the fine print on the hook tags, they have different weight ratings depending on how you are going to use them, wall or ceiling.

  3. @PaddyAnne & @Charlotte I love how you’ve both essentially suggested the same thing, it definitely looks do-able on some level in my garage, and frees up enough space that I could get MORE bikes..I mean..use the space for more than just bike storage? No…I totally mean more bikes 🙂

    @Erin – I’ll definitely be looking into the weight ratings, and possibly hit up Home Depot or some other hardware store that might POSSIBLY (small chance) have someone who’s more knowledgeable on their hooks and such…I’d hate to hang my bikes and then have them all fall upon each other or the kids. YIKES!!

  4. We have a few bikes hanging but most of them are simply parked and trying to share the space with tools and yard equipment and other garage worthy things. Bottom line, it’s mess. Our garage is so small that when we tried hanging them all from the walls vertically, you could barely walk through. I’m not sure how you’d be expected to actually put a car in there which is likely why most of the garages in our neighborhood have been remodeled into living space.

  5. Good ideas! Between bikes, golf clubs and a lawn mower, our garage is a mess. I’d love to get it better organized, and not have to worry about knocking any of the bikes over. Some day, some day…

  6. Thanks everyone for you suggestions/comments. I’m loving the response and the visuals provided with links (and glad to know I’m not the only one with a garage that turns into barely car storage – which I’m fine with!)

    So I’ve gone back outside to look, and I think the angled hanging option might be my best option. It might require a little more work, and I’ll have to work out the perfect spacing based on the studs and their spacing, but I think it will be the easiest option. And require less pre planning than trying to hang bikes up high on the wall 😛

  7. If you can find a Peaveymart that might be the best place to look. They have all kinds of stuff for storing farm equipment that will work for bikes.

  8. i have two heavey bike storage hooks that we can’t use if anyone needs them for their garage…they need to be screwed in and will produced huge holes though..We can’t use them there

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