Tokyo Cycle Chic: May 29-31

Tokyo Cycle Chic: May 29-31

By way of comparison with the photos from Kyoto, here are some taken in Tokyo.

You see an incredible number of bicycles on the sidewalks of Tokyo, especially mamachari, but mostly I saw them parked – I suspect because the many overlapping train and subway lines make getting around without a bicycle on public transit a snap. Certainly I didn’t feel as a pedestrian like I was sharing the sidewalk with as many bikes as in Kyoto. (Mind you, I was staying blocks from Shinjuku Station, which about 4 million people a day use, so what I saw in the area surrounding it might not be true in parts without a huge transit hub.)

In Akihabara on the day of a typhoon (May 29th). (Yes, she’s advertising a maid cafe.)
You can’t see any in this shot, but many people have umbrella holders attached to their handlebars here.

All these photos were snapped around the Shinjuku and Yoyogi districts of Tokyo on the mornings of May 30th and 31st:

electric assist and a delivery trailer

scooters and motorcycles are often parked with bicycles – but are strictly for road use

Her chain was yellow too.

markings on the sidewalk bicycle lane, which is used at street crossings and ignored between street crossings
Notice that even salarymen mostly ride on step-through frames.



These were taken from the airport ‘limosine’ bus – finally some shots of the elusive young guys who mix it up with traffic on their sport bikes:

4 thoughts on “Tokyo Cycle Chic: May 29-31

  1. Thanks Dottie! There were loads more photos that didn’t turn out because I was trying to shoot from the hip as people passed me on the sidewalk.

    I’m not sure I actually captured Tokyo style in these photos. Certainly I saw more ladies in short skirts and towering heels riding than I was able to photograph. Even my husband, who pretends not to notice such things, commented that the salarymen looked less rumpled and wore sharper suits than we saw in Kyoto and Hiroshima.

  2. @beautechan – You were so lucky to live there! We loved every second of the trip, even being woken by an earthquake one morning (it was a deep, slow shake, so it felt like the hotel room was a bus stopping and restarting). Sadly, no bike rides for me – we were pretty tightly scheduled so we never quite managed it. That might be just as well, since a lifetime of driving on the right side of the road had me doing the sidewalk shuffle to avoid colliding with other pedestrians on sidewalks and stairs (I noticed the same thing in when I visited the UK, that everyone walked and passed on the sidewalks and stairs on the opposite side just like they drove on the opposite side of the road.). I did squeeze in a little bicycle accessory shopping at Tokyu Hands, Y’s Road, and Bic’s Camera.

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