Critical Lass August plans

Critical Lass August plans

When: Sunday, August 28th, meet at 1 pm, depart at 1:30 pm 

What: an inclusive social ride for female cyclists in stylish clothes, on a route suitable for novice riders, to promote cycling as an approachable, fun, everyday activity – on a family-friendly route this time!* 

Where: meeting at Century Park LRT station

Route: this time we’ll head a block or so north from the LRT station, then counterclockwise around the Saddleback Road -19 Ave – 105 Street – 29 Ave loop (on the new on-street bike lanes). We’ll stop at the Royal Pizza to pick up some food, and carry it with us to the playground at (location TBA, there are several decent-sized ones to choose from, and we want to check closer to our date to make sure the construction is complete on the section where we’ll stop) Steinhauer Elementary School (see below), where the kids can play while we picnic! (So, yeah, you may wish to pack some food and drinks too.). Afterward we’ll finish the loop and head back to the station, where you can either choose the LRT or the bike path to head home.

Aug 16th update: I’ve just checked the progress of the lane-painting on this *brand spanking new* bike route, which should be complete by month’s end. This is going to be a great connector for a bunch of bike infrastructure in the southern suburbs, so it’s really exciting to have this chance to check it out! The western half is still mostly awaiting paint, but has signs up (including “call 311 for more information” signs), and the eastern half is all painted – including paint from the 3-way stop on 29 Ave up 106th Street to eventually connect with the rest of the network! So, we’re going to use the playground at Ermineskin Community League / Steinhauer Elementary School on 106th as our stop for eating (it’s a bit bigger and shadier than the one at Keheewin School, and it has picnic tables). You’ll notice that I’ve replaced the original map above with an edited screencap from the Google version of the City of Edmonton Bike Map, so now you can see how our route ties in with the existing network (green lines). The solid yellow is the part where the paint was complete tonight; the dotted yellow is where (I think) is left to be painted; and I’ve marked in our landmarks for the ride in red.

*As for the family friendliness of this route: it is on the long side for little ones (at about 8km), and it is an on-street path, so if your kids (like mine) don’t yet ride fairly straight or stop reliably, then they may be safest in a trailer or cargo bike, or on a bike seat or trail-a-bike.

27 Aug update: the forecast is 24 degrees Celsius and sunny, so hats and sunscreen weather! Also, as I’ve noted on the Facebook event page and in comments, it turns out the Saddleback Road location of Royal Pizza doesn’t open until 4:30 – there are other places to grab something before we set off, and a couple of 7-11s en route, but our best bet will be to treat this as a potluck picnic. See you tomorrow!

28 Aug update: since almost nobody was able to come, we are postponing this ride. Stay tuned for details.

9 Sept update: NEW DATE AND TIME for those of you not following the FB event page where this discussion has been ongoing! We’ll go on Sunday, Sept 11th, and since we’re in the middle of a heat wave, meet 9:30am, head out 9:45am, ride the loop counterclockwise, then head to the Century Park location of Brewsters for brunch afterward.
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