Scenes From Tweed Ride

Scenes From Tweed Ride

Sweet poster, via the Facebook event page.

Today I went to the Edmonton Tweed Ride with a few friends. Despite rain that ended at the last minute, there were an impressive number of people who came out. We had a wonderful time, met lots of great people, and rode a perfectly gorgeous route through the river valley.

It started pouring mid-afternoon, but – thank goodness – it stopped in time.
Here is Eliza, dried off and ready to go after a rejuvenating tea at Karen’s.
The City of London souvenir hankie tied to the vintage purse is a sly little homage. 

The bike pile in front of Pembina Hall.

Sarah rides this Vulcan with the adorable bell and basket she scored at Calgary’s BikeBike.
Even Robert was dressed to impress.
Loving the argyle socks.
Coreen sewed her outfit, isn’t it rad?
Gorgeous, bubbly Sarah. Love her skirt and boots.
Impressive trackstanding skillz. Loved her flapper dress.
Organizer Neil telling us about our route and destination.
Down Saskatchewan Drive,

and across the road into Belgravia,

where the sun decided to join us.
At the top of (the former) Keillor Road we paused to chat with another group of cyclists.
After taking it slooooow coming down the switchbacks – because I was more than a bit nervous about my rod brakes in the wet road conditions- Judy and I had Keillor Road to ourselves. So pretty. In another week or so the leaves will have all fallen.
Notice the point-blanket scarf. This is how Canadians do Tweed.
At the other side of the bridge across Whitemud Creek everyone was waiting for us slowpokes and having a lovely chat.

Judy took a great photo of me – thanks Judy!
Our destination, after a bit more riding: the new(ish) Fort Edmonton Foot Bridge.

Judy admires the view upriver.
We stopped at the midpoint of the span to hang out.
The downriver view. Pretty!
Everyone looked so great. I wish my photos turned out better – my candid approach doesn’t always work.

Luckily there were a lot of cameras there. Here are some great shots that Tess took, for example.
I’m sure more will get posted to blogs over the next few days.

Kevin demonstrates his mad trackstanding skillz.
You are here.

On Keillor Road on the way back. Some of the horses were in the field at the equestrian centre.
Taking a breather at the top of the hill on the Saskatchewan Drive MUP.

Soon after this we parted ways – some of us needed to get home early,
while the rest carried on to get dinner and drinks at The Next Act.

Neil tells me there will be another Tweed Ride next Spring! Can’t wait!

There are more great photos and a video of the ride at TuckamoreDew (as mentioned in the comments).
I also found a ride report with links to others’ photos from the first Edmonton Tweed Ride (in 2009)!

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