Why Ortlieb panniers are ubiquitous

Why Ortlieb panniers are ubiquitous

Ortlieb panniers are ubiquitous in Seattle. I tried to resist when I was shopping for a set of panniers last year, but soon gave in. Sometimes when everyone has something, it’s for a good reason*.  It turns out, they’re popular for a few reasons – they’re tough, waterproof, and can hold a ridiculous amount of stuff.

Here’s what I was hauling last weekend:
1. Wallet
2. Camera
3. Water bottle
4. My son’s cleats
5. His baseball glove
6. His baseball hat
7. My sweater, which I needed in the morning, but not by the afternoon
8. My new sweater, from Hub & Bespoke
9. Zucchini
10. Mushrooms
11. Hotdogs
12. Hotdog buns
13. Jacket (also too warm by mid-afternoon)
14. Gloves (ditto)

I should also mention that this was all in a single Ortlieb, not spread between the pair. When we left, we were wearing all of the layers so I didn’t think that I needed to bring both. It’s remarkable how much they’ll carry. Maybe we can even try an overnight bike trip sometime this year.

*Subaru Outbacks are also ubiquitous in Seattle. I have friends in the neighborhood who have a 2 year daughter. “Subaru” may not have been her first word, but it was an early one.

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