Tee ball, pie and more

Tee ball, pie and more

At this time of year, Seattlites are like flowers in the desert. 
No? Hear me out…
Growing up in Saskatchewan, I would have scoffed at Seattle’s winters. When the ground is covered in snow and ice and the most important part of the weather forecast is the windchill factor (i.e. how many minutes before exposed skin WILL FREEZE), grey skies with rain doesn’t sound that bad. This is why TROC* considers life in Vancouver to be pretty easy, the kind of place you go to retire. In January, I can’t complain about 40F/4C and I won’t pretend to. Where Seattle gets under your skin, is that over the next several months, those temperatures won’t change. By April, it would be really nice to see blue skies and to start feeling warm again. 

Two weeks ago, we finally had nice weather on a Saturday. Seattle opened the front door and rushed outside, trying to fit as many outdoor activities as possible into a single day, just like the proverbial plant in the desert that, after a rainfall, must flower, bear fruit and go to seed before the water disappears.  

First on the list was tee ball practice. It’s much more fun to get there by bike, especially when you have a shiny new family bike to ride. Carrying a ball glove and cleats is no problem if you have panniers!

Then, we rode to the Fremont neighborhood for food, shopping and a chance to walk in the sun. Mr. Jen isn’t very comfortable on a bike. I read a brilliant description of this mismatch as a bike-car interfaith marriage. However, he does like to walk a lot, so friends, whom I consider to be authorities on such matters, have classified this as more of a Catholic/Episcopalian difference. Joking aside, he was willing to walk the 4 miles to meet us.

Fremont is always fun, especially if you don’t have to park a car.  We ate Thai food, window shopped, and stopping at Hub and Bespoke, who have very stylish bicycle-friendly clothes and accessories. I tested my families patience by trying on clothes. They tested the employee’s patience by trying out bike bells and wind-up toys.

And then there was Pie. It was delicious. You should go. We will be back.

Espresso-chocolate mocha
Peanut butter cream

 On our way home, we stopped to admire the shrubbery dinosaur.

I never know how to end these posts, so I’ll keep it simple – it was sunny, it was fun and I hope the weather cooperates so we can do it again soon.

*The Rest of Canada (i.e. not Vancouver. Or Victoria. We’re suspicious of them too).

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