30 Days of Biking – Things Fall Apart

30 Days of Biking – Things Fall Apart

#30 Days of Biking has now ended. I did quite well for the first 2 weeks, but the number of days that I rode dropped significantly after that. First the chart:

Week 3

Day 15:  Sunday 4/15  Distance:  0 miles
And on the 15th day, she gardened.

Day 16:  Monday 4/16  Distance:  12 miles
Regular commute. Rainy commute, but at least my new plants got some water. ‘Cause I forgot to do that after planing them.

Day 17:  Tuesday 4/17  Distance:  12 miles
Regular commute. Seattle Survival tip #2:  Always bring your rain pants.

Day 18:  Wednesday 4/18  Distance:  12 miles
Regular commute. Sun. Bike. Good.

Day 19:  Thursday 4/19  Distance:  6 miles
Half a commute. Discovered my front tire was flat just as I was about to head home on my evening commute. Had evening events and just didn’t have time to change it, so I called for back up. As in, calling Mr. Jen and whining for a ride.

Day 20:  Friday 4/20  Distance:  0 miles
Vacation day. Took the train to Portland!

Day 21:  Saturday 4/21  Distance:  3.5 miles
Rented a family tandem bike from Clever Cycles and rode to a nearby park and coffee shop. It was hardly an extensive tour of Portland, but fun never the less.

Week 3 Total:  45.5 miles

Week 4

Day 22:  Sunday 4/22  Distance:  0 miles
Portland is exactly as bike-crazy as people say, but I was just an observer, not a participant.

Day 23:  Monday 4/23  Distance:  0 miles
Had a neighborhood greenways event in an unfamiliar neighborhood after work, so I took the bus. Oh, the irony.

Day 24:  Tuesday 4/24  Distance:  0 miles
Took the bus to work. Eventually fixed the flat tire, with the help of a kind co-worker. Then discovered that the back tire had a scary-looking bulge in it. By this point, I’d had enough, so I took the bus home.

Day 25:  Wednesday 4/25  Distance: 12 miles
Regular commute. Took the city bike to work. Getting caught in the rain doesn’t take away from the fun of riding after so many days away.

Day 26:  Thursday 4/26  Distance:  12 miles
Regular commute. City bike!

Day 27:  Friday  4/27  Distance:  0 miles
Telecommuted. Good lunch time plans, but they didn’t involve my bike.

Day 28:  Saturday 4/28  Distance:  5 miles
Took my son to tee ball via the Piccolo. It was a fun trip, but my shifter broke on the way home. This has just not been my month.

Day 29:  Sunday 4/29  Distance:  0 miles
Errands by car, including fetching and fixing bikes.

Day 30:  Monday 4/30  Distance:  12 miles
Regular commute. And the month ends with a tail wind!

Week 4 Total:  41 miles

Monthly total:  218 miles

Sometimes schedules, life and mechanical problems keep me off my bike. I miss a few days every month for one reason or another, but this was unusual to have so many issues in a two month period. In retrospect, I’m surprised, but not disappointed. When I decided to participate in 30 Days of biking, I decided to document how I use bikes for transportation & fun, but not to make a special effort. That meant no rides around the block to meet an arbitrary standard*. Are there any lessons? Well, sometimes you need to be flexible. It really helps to have back up transportation options – being able to take the bus home or get a ride with someone else can make difficult days go much more smoothly. Even if every trip can’t be made by bike, far more trips can be than I ever imagined a couple of years ago.   Finally, though I need to get better at changing flat tires, I hope I don’t have the occasion to do so very often.

*See? That was a guiding principle, not laziness. Honestly.

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