Stoker Stories

Stoker Stories

This is an X-wing starfighter pancake, with laser blasters.

Parents who bike with their kids will often talk about how connected they feel when riding together, compared to when they are in a car. This can, of course, have a downside – one of my friends swears that her son waits until she’s riding uphill before asking her for something. Perhaps on the theory that if she doesn’t say no (due to being short of breath), the answer is yes? Of course, they live in San Francisco, so they’re riding uphill about 50% of the time, creating plenty of opportunity for a hopeful 6 year old.

Many of our conversations revolve around Star Wars these days….
S: Mom, what’s your favorite thing about R2D2? Isn’t he so cool? ‘Cause he has rocket boosters! Can you sing the Darth Vader song at the same time I sing Luke Skywalker’s song?
Me: No. Pedaling. Uphill.

Sometime conversations start innocently and then take a much weirder turn.
S: Mom, what’s a club?
Me: A group of people who get together to do something, like your karate club.
S: Can I start a club?
Me: Well, I guess. If some of your friends want to be in the club with you.
S: I want a nerf gun club! Can I get one of the guns that shine a red light to help you aim?
Me: No! You can’t start a kindergarten gun club!
S: Well…can I have one that shoots water?

Other times, it’s surprisingly philosophical.
S: Why don’t I see a line right here? [he then reached forward to touch my back]
Me: I don’t understand. Why would you expect to see a line there?
S: Well… I have two eyes. Why isn’t there a line in the middle of where I see?
Me: Oh, I get it! Well, your eyes are close together and see mostly the same thing. Then your brain puts the pictures together so you see it all at once.
S: How does your brain do that?
Me: Can’t talk. Pedaling. Uphill.

S: Is Obama still trying to make things more fair so that girls don’t just have to marry boys and boys don’t just have to marry girls? That’s not fair!
Me: You’re right. Obama and a lot of other people are working together to try to make things more fair, so people can marry whoever they fall in love with.
S: Oh. Can I have a granola bar?
Me: No. We’re going to have supper as soon as we get home.
S: That’s not fair!

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