Critical Lass Edmonton: heatwave edition

Critical Lass Edmonton: heatwave edition

“High of 30.9 in #yeg today … felt like 34.” – @JoshClassen, local meterologist.

It was HOT. So we started by heading to the wading pools at the Provincial Legislature grounds.


Shadow self portrait. The water felt heavenly.

Then we borrowed an idea from our Seattle Critical Lass friends and did some bicycle portraits. 

Tess and Apollo 
Deb and Eliza (’78 Raleigh Tourist)
Judy and Miss Pashley (Princess Sovereign)
Jackie and her Trek hybrid. I love love love her skull-print sundress.
Jackie is one of the organizers of the fabulous Steampunk Ride that happened a couple of weeks ago.
group photo

Then we headed up the bike path via Railtown and found another shady spot to rest.

photo by Judy of us en route
Apollo and Pashley
I love this group photo that Jackie shared on the Facebook event page.
Ahhhh, shade
In retrospect, the hemp capris were a good choice, but polyester with sheer sleeves is… still polyester.

After a water break and a few photos we headed off again, through residential streets and a cemetery. 
What is it about cemeteries and crows?

At last we arrived at Duchess Bake Shop on 124th Street.
Jackie dashed nextdoor to Clever Rabbit for some vegan-friendlier takeout while we ordered.

Can I eat ALL the things? 
My late brunch: a vegetarian sandwich featuring goat cheese, green beans, and almonds, a lemon cream tart, an exquisitely flakey amaretto shortbread, and a dark chocolate macaron. I also had an iced cafe latte.
Check out the beautiful chocolate meringue that Tess had. 
It was super crowded when we arrived,
but by the time we left had cleared out enough to get a good shot of the beautiful decor.
Look up.
The food was delicious, but we really enjoyed each others’ company, too.

When we felt refreshed and ready to brave the heat again, we headed back downtown via Glenora.

The North Saskatchewan River valley really is beautiful.

We were running behind so hurried back across the High Level Bridge and parted ways after one last photo by Jackie, and an agreement that we’d set dates for August, September (8th), and October soon!

Thanks ladies! That was so much fun!!

(PS: Things you don’t notice from a car: 
people have started adding locks to the High Level Bridge and tossing the key in the river. 
I’m guessing that they’re inspired by this custom.) 

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