Critical Lass Edmonton: October

Critical Lass Edmonton: October

DIY street seating at our rendezvous point.
I’m not sure if it’s that October is busy, or that people had forgotten, but our turnout was unusually low today. (Related: anyone know what Facebook did with the thing that lets you send an event reminder email? Is it gone?)
Karen and her Linus Dutchie. Love those boots.
Turned out I had dressed too warmly, based on the morning’s cooler weather. I also discovered on my ride that Miss Trudy, who I only ever ride with the kids, has an issue with her higher two gears. (I brought Trudy, the ’72 Phillips, today because I haven’t taken Eliza for new tires yet.)

We took the newly-repaved 83rd Ave down to 97 St, then south to Ritchie Community League to take in a little of the bike polo tournament happening this weekend. When we visited, some of the guys we met at last fall’s Tweed Ride were playing, along with some visitors from Calgary. I don’t have a clue how the game is played but it looks FUN, and I am so impressed with the skill this takes. Must learn how to trackstand.

The rad hoodies and tshirts are for sale BTW.
Swing by tomorrow to watch the rest of the tournament.

This is A. from Calgary’s NiceGuys.
Check out her gorgeous Masi mixte and the team’s wicked spoke protectors.
Waiting for their game to start.

Next we headed on to the Blue Chair Cafe, just a block south of the bike polo tourney,
in time for the menu switchover from brunch to supper.

I had the frittata.
Karen had salad rolls.
After a lovely meal and a flurry of text messages,
we headed over to Faculte Saint-Jean, via 76th Avenue and 89th Street.

Where 76 Ave dips into Millcreek Ravine is really pretty and just steep enough to be a fun coast.
You can see my mustard sweater tights in this shot – they match the cardigan I was wearing under my coat. Bright colour and lots of layers seemed like a great idea earlier in the day when it was colder and greyer, but by the end of the ride I needed only a tshirt.
Karen outside the Cite building on Saint-Jean’s small campus.
Plaque outside the Cite.
To our delight, Coreen caught up to us riding her ‘new old CCM‘.
It actually took me a sec to process that she wasn’t on Poplar.
The ’46 CCM is truly beautiful in person. Go read its story at the link.We went exploring inside the Cite building briefly, then hopped back in the saddle and headed back toward the U of A via a steep shortcut through Mill Creek Ravine and the multiuse trail along Saskatchewan Drive, after which we parted ways.
This is where 87 Avenue heads down into the ravine. The photo is blurry because it’s steep, fast, and in need of repaving. At the bottom there is a small off-leash dog park, which in daytime will often be in use, then a choice between a steep trail or stairs to get back out. There’s a reason most people ride on Whyte Ave to cross the ravine instead – but I’m so glad we checked it out.
The view of downtown from Saskatchewan Drive.
(Okay, I cheated and went back with my camera after the ride to get this shot.)
Many of the (elm?) trees on Saskatchewan Drive have yet to turn colour.
Back in Garneau beside the University. Many roads in Garneau are closed to cars right now due to construction (which also makes parking a bit more challenging) – but a bike can sail past all the barriers. It looks like they’ve knocked down a bunch of old houses that had been used as student housing and office space. I wonder what they’re building?
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