Announcing a few little changes

Announcing a few little changes

As you know, people and blogs change over time. Often, bloggers just stop writing and start a new blog as their interests shift; sometimes their blog grows and changes with them instead. We are aiming for the latter.

We’ve always felt that the best way we could make change with this blog was by just documenting our lives. If I can repack a bottom bracket, anyone can (although you might prefer to get someone else to do it for you). If we can figure out how to live car-light in streetcar suburbs or neighborhoods on the edge of town, with young families, anyone can. Cycling is not just for hipster messenger dudes on fixies, weekend warriors on mountain bike trails or training in pelotons, wierdo commuters on hybrids wearing safety orange and big beards, and willowy fashion models with adorable outfits that match their bikes – it’s for everyone. We hope we add to the diversity of bicycle bloggers and demystify living with bicycles.

LFL has outgrown our Blogspot space, literally: we are rapidly running out of room for the photographs that we so enjoy sharing. So, this spring, we are relaunching at, with a redesigned website using WordPress that we hope will make it easier to navigate, and we know will give us more room for all the pretties. With a little luck I’ll have it all sorted out and the switchover made by the end of the weekend.

We also are going to welcome some new co-bloggers. I have been busy with The Local Good and Sustainable Slow Stylish, Angel’s wrist is still healing and she is busy with a new job, and Jen in Seattle has been expending her energy on the greenways initiative instead of documenting it here (stay tuned for news on that). So, we realized that we need to bring in additional collaborators, and when I met Emma I just knew that she would bring wonderful new energy to the blog. (She will introduce herself shortly. She’s rad, you’re going to love her, and I can’t wait to read her posts about her tandem adventures.)

Finally, we are planning monthly Critical Lass rides for 2013, including extending for the first time into the winter months, and our first-ever Kidical Mass (for families). With the goals of growing the awareness and attendance of Critical Lass, I created a Make Something Edmonton profile and a Facebook profile for it this morning (previously we only used twitter and FB event listings, which have limitations). The brand-new Facebook Page will also make it much easier for us to plan and communicate about the event – please go take a look and click ‘Like’ right now. We will also be making some decsions through discussion there; we’re thinking, for clarity of messaging and simplicity of planning, of choosing the same day each month, the same starting point, and possibly the same route (which would reduce the burden of planning and make sure people have way more advance notice).

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  1. Yeah, new blog! Woot!
    One question: I notice that when I comment, it doesn’t have the “click here to subscribe to comments” function that most Blogger/
    Wordpress blogs have. Any way to add that?

    1. I will definitely look into both these things! This WordPress theme is new to me, and has a few quirks I’m still working out. Thank you for the feedback!

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