Our ‘best-of’ list: most viewed and most commented posts of the last 4 years

Our ‘best-of’ list: most viewed and most commented posts of the last 4 years

Before we shut down the old website, I thought I’d take a look at the stats and list our most popular and most commented-on posts.


We averaged between 2500 and 5000 pageviews per month, depending on what we’d written about, and had a total of over 108K views between Oct 2009 and March 2013 , with the majority of views from the major English-speaking countries (no surprise) plus Germany, Russia, France, and the Netherlands.  That blows my mind, considering we always thought we’d be lucky to get our friends and families to read this stuff. Thanks, you guys.

Our most popular posts on the old blog, with links to their new homes on this domain:

Laura’s Eaton’s Road King (Much of the interest came from the Czech Republic where it was built! It’s a super-sweet late-1950s design. Update: Laura has since found a new home for it, because it was just a smidgen too tall for her. New owner, if you stumble on this, please leave a comment!)

The Twins: 1983 Norco Folders (This one also generated a lot of discussion – we are really passionate about vintage small-wheeled bikes in our corner of the interwebs! Update: It turns out these little guys have a few mechanical issues, and are comfortable to ride for Angel but not for me. So, they’re still in the project pile. And I’m contemplating getting a Raleigh Twenty or one of its’ modern shopper clones, whose geometry works better for me.)

Antique Cycle Chic, part 1 and part 2. (Update: I do have quite a few more old RPPCs in my collection, and promise I’ll share them soon!)

1970s Made-in-Canada Raleigh Cyclone (Update: we named this one Gino, it’s in Angel’s garage, and it needs some work on the coaster hub.)

Gift Ideas For Bicyclists (due for an update, we think)

The posts that introduced Mary Poppins: a 1966 Phillips loops-frame and Bert the Bike:  1976 Canadian-built Raleigh and Salmon Ella the Sears Free Spirit mixte and the 1970s CCM Galaxie (who needed a bit of rust removed – lemon juice and aluminum foil are an amazing combination).

Bike Seats for Bigger Kids: part 2 talked about the Asian metal basket child seat we bought online through Bicycle Hero. In the end we installed it on a sturdy rack on the back of Angel’s bike Daisy as part of an upgrade to mamachari-ness that also included a couple of souvenirs I brought back from my trip to Japan, and I got a Bobike Junior installed on one of my 3-speeds to carry my youngest. He’s now graduated to pedalling independently, so I’m passing it on to Miss Sarah to use for Little D, but I realize I’ve never written specifically about it… stay tuned!)

Jen’s descriptions of Seattle’s Kidical Mass and the Neighborhood Greenways campaign in Ballard also garnered lots of views, but not quite enough to hit the top 10 – only because they haven’t been up as long, I think.

The awards for most comments on posts that didn’t make the most-viewed list goes to Gender Gap?, wherein we chatted about the barriers we personally face to using our bikes more and talked about how to remove those barriers; Cycle Chic, Personal Style, & Feminism, whose comments seem not to have been imported correctly; Everything Looks Better With Bicycles, which skewered the fad for using bikes to sell us stuff, also recently discussed here; the introduction by Nicki of gorgeous Winnie the 1951 CCM-built Garry loop-frame; and the Critical Lass Edmonton posts where we used the comment sections to do the planning, like the Facebook page  is now used.

It’ll be interesting to see how this list changes once this new domain has existed long enough to actually have stats!

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