Bikeology Festival!

Bikeology Festival!

Passing on an announcement from the fabulous organizers of Edmonton’s bike month:

Bikeology Festival banner

Bikeology Festival – June 1-30

Bikeology is a mobile festival for the bike-curious and the seasoned rider.

During June you can go to any number of cycling events, at various locations throughout the city.  We welcome, encourage, nurture and celebrate cyclists with a regular menu of our own themed events, AND we support a growing number of unique and eclectic, one-off, cycle-oriented happenings all month long.

The options are endless, and varied. Come learn to about cycling in Edmonton, ride your bike, fix it, celebrate it, write (nay obsess) over it, or otherwise learn that cycling is a viable mode of transportation, an enjoyable recreation, and ultimately a community-building machine of glory.  Help spread the velo-love…

Our Vision: Edmonton is a city in which bicycling is increasingly celebrated, supported, adopted and enjoyed.

Interested in participating or volunteering?  Check out or email

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