Critical Lass video shoot

Critical Lass video shoot

We had a gorgeous, windy night for our Make Something Edmonton video shoot on Wednesday night, and a fabulous group of seven riders (and an enthusiastic passenger). Yvonne, Aaron, and their assistant made the process so fun and painless, and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The video will be out sometime in June. We met at the SitNChill bench at the south end of High Level Bridge, rode across the west side of the bridge (and really struggled a little with the wind gusts!), circled in the park at the North end of the bridge, took the residential streets through to Grant Notley Park (the one with the gazebo at the top of Victoria Park Hill) where we did a spoken bit (where little Eli got to have a starring role) and more circling, then along the sidewalk on Victoria Promenade with the river valley as a backdrop. Filming done, we then chose to go back the way we came, and a few of us had a snack at the Sugarbowl. I took these candid shots with my phone, mostly when we stopped in Grant Notley Park and on Victoria Promenade. Of course I didn’t think to do a panda shot at all, so the only photos of me were taken by the pros. I’m noticing that a couple of the fab ladies who rode with us are also missing from these shots, as luck would have it.

This is Erin’s awesome Xtracycle conversion of an Electra Townie. Eli is pretty comfy in his seat.


Waiting to film at Grant Notley Park
Waiting to film at Grant Notley Park. L-R: Jaimie, Eli, Erin, Karen, Monica, Maggie.
Waiting to film at Grant Notley Park
Chatting after filming on Victoria Promenade
Chatting after filming on Victoria Promenade. L-R: Yvonne, Karen, Mandy.
Wrapping filming on Victoria Promenade

Incidentally, I got some bike grease on my sundress when I was loading the DL-1 back onto the car rack after the ride, and it’s not coming out with either of the stain treatments I have. Anyone got a magic trick to share for getting grease stains out of cotton?

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