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Critical Lass 2012 plans & vintage fun

Critical Lass 2012 plans & vintage fun

First, some housekeeping: we have decided that next year we will plan only two Critical Lass rides, one in June and one in early September. Stay tuned for dates (we want to wait until the Bikeology schedule is out before we pick them to minimize potential conflicts).

It was a glorious fall day Saturday (if a bit windy), and my family needed the bike-hauling vehicle, so I rode instead. (I was running behind, and knew my battery was running low, so didn’t take any photos along the way.) En route I had a text from Judy saying she was the only one at our meeting spot, so we threw all our route plans out the window, met up at Belgravia Station, and rode over to the Old Strathcona Antique Mall¬†for a browse, at her suggestion.

Which means this was my one-way trip: 15.8 km. Not too shabby.

A photo by Judy of the view from the second floor railing.
The Old Strathcona Antique Mall is in the former United Cycle building a couple of blocks south of Whyte Ave,
next door to United Cycle’s new location. As you can see, it is enormous.

We had a hot drink at the adorable in-house cafe-slash-ice-cream-parlour (their lattes are pretty good), and had a lovely long chat.

carved handles on the drawers of a massive oak wardrobe from France
an adorable Thonet-influenced chair with a caned seat

Plus we spent a couple of hours wandering the aisles and admiring the goods. We came away empty handed (for now, at least). Sometimes I’m all about the smalls, but the furniture was my favourite on this day.

Fab early 20th century Eastlake-style dresser
The next four photos are Judy’s. Thanks Judy!
gorgeous joints on the drawers

Edmonton has a scarcity of vintage fashion places, so we were really excited to see this room upstairs:

late 1960s burnout velvet paisley

Sweet! A staff member told us it’s brand-new, and is curated from the offerings of several sellers. (Hot tip for tweed riders: there’s a great wool plaid ladies’ cape and some awesome mens’ hats in there right now.)

On the way home I took this photo of the markings for an about-to-be-painted bike lane on 76th Ave:

Here’s Eliza at Smith Crossing, in the valley where 23rd Avenue crosses Whitemud Ravine. There’s a great walking path through the ravine that’s part of the Waskahegan Trail and includes McTaggart Sanctuary, and a decade ago we frequently saw deer grazing in this spot. They’re gone now that there are oversized mansions rimming the ravine. Sigh.

I was also able to get a nice magic-hour shot on 23rd Ave, looking back at Smith Crossing:

And a shot of the setting sun in a neighborhood park:

Such a glorious day!