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Winter Wear

Winter Wear

We’re already having damp, blustery winter weather here, though the snow hasn’t stuck yet, so we’ve been thinking about what is needed for comfortable early-to-mid-winter riding (besides, you know, lights and awesome studded tires) (Yes, I am speaking collectively here – it’s been a frequent topic of conversation between Angel and me in the past month.).

As total newbs to winter riding, we’re hardly in a position to offer advice, so instead, here’s where we turned:

Of course a big part of fall and winter riding is wearing tights with great boots. Ever noticed how hard it is to find a comfortable, well-fitting pair of opaque winter tights – especially if you have womanly curves and muscular legs? Well, so had our friend Fiona, from the Girl Can Bike Retro Rides & Prairie Skies blog. With the help of some friends (including us), she is doing an ongoing series of posts reviewing hosiery at her other blog, A New Me. So far we have reviewed tights from Maggie’s Organics and Sock Dreams – complete with embarrassing-to-us photos and the real skinny on where the crotch seams actually fall. Reviews of tights from Chinese Laundry, Addition-Elle, and We Love Colors are coming soon.

Now if only I could find a great pair of stylish, waterproof, warm winter boots…